how to remove sticky labels

There is nothing worse than getting your new DVD or PS game and when it comes time to remove the stickers, it rips and even worse, leaves that gooey stickyness behind.

We set out to find the best cleaning agents to remove sticker labels and the stickiness that they leave behind from your stuff.

These are the results:

The best thing to use is alcohol, but if you’re off the spirits, the vinegar is the next best option.

whiskyIf you can get hold of some rubbing alcohol, even better, but in the absence of that, use vodka, whisky or any other high alcohol content spirits. pour a little alcohol onto a swab and rub the are gently leaving the alcohol to sink into the sticky mess. Leave it for a few seconds and then start rubbing the sticker and you’ll see it starting to loosen up, and eventually come off. Take care not to rub too hard, in case you scratch or leave marks on the item that you are removing the sticker from.

Another great option is to use vinegar. 

vinegarIf you’re trying to remove a stubborn sticker from the wall, laptop, game or whatever it is that you have, there is something that you probably have in your cupboard at home that will do the trick: Vinegar

Use a paintbrush or paper towel to spread the vinegar over the sticky area  lightly until it soaks through the sticker or gets in around the sides. Let the vinegar sit for a few minutes and then wipe the vinegar off and scrape the sticker residue off with a finger, fingernail or scraper. take care not to scratch your stuff, but this should do the trick. Remember that vinegar is an acid, so don’t leave it on your item for too long, and definitely don’t forget about it! It may take a few tries with the vinegar, but this will eventually get the sticker residue off.