9 s tagging gun

The Arrow 9S tagging and labeling gun is designed for adding tags to new clothes, textiles and merchandise.
The device is lightweight, handheld and easy to operate, and comes equipped with a tagging needle. The plastic tag pins and fasteners are easy to install and reload, and the tagging gun comes with a safety cover for the needle.

Arrow 9S tagging gunThere are different types of tag fasteners which may be used in a Arrow 9S standard tagging gun:

  • Standard tag pin
  • Standard hook tag pin
  • Standard ring tag pin
  • Standard V tag pin

*Unfortunately we do not stock replacement needles for the tagging gun

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Arrow 9S Tagging Gun Technical Specification:

Needle Diameter ( Arrow C121 ) 2.20mm (Average)
Maximum fabric thickness taggable with Arrow 9S pricing gun 8.00mm
Tag Pin Clip Type used in Arrow 9S Standard 50 Pc Clip only
Arrow 9S Tag Gun Body ABS Plastic ( virgin raw material ) no recycled material used.

How do I use the Arrow 9S Tag Gun?

Attaching a tag with the tagging gun is very easy but if done incorrectly, you can damage the gun or garment/textile that you are tagging. Follow these steps to apply your tags correctly:

  • Use the standard tag pin 50 piece clip only.
  • Load either end of the tag pin connecting bar to the feed slot.
  • Carefully slide the tagging gun needle into the hole of the price tag if you are using one.
  • While keeping the price tag in same position, pierce the tagging gun needle fully into the garment
  • Hold the garment in position and pull the trigger
  • Congratulations! your tag is now attached.

To Remove Unused Tag Pins from Your Arrow 9S Tagging Gun:

  • Press and hold the pin releaser button, and pull out the Tag Pins.
  • Or, Press and hold the trigger of the Price Gun, and pull out the Tag Pins.

To ensure the longevity of the tagging needle, make sure that you always cover the needle of the gun with the supplied needle cap.

Full Colour instructions are available here