Barcode labels for thermal and direct thermal printers. Various sizes, colors and shapes available. Blank or pre-printed.

Quality Labels

Our focus is on creating quality barcode labels using high quality materials and we follow a strict quality management system to ensure this. Our computer inspection system inspects each label for accuracy and throughout the run and then again as a final product. From design to production to delivery, you can count on us to get it right.

Barcode Label sizes

Blank or part printed barcode labels.

Standard sizes are:

  • 38x40mm Barcode Labels
  • 40x90mm Barcode Labels
  • 50x24mm Barcode Labels

Other sizes available are:

  • 28 x 88mm Labels
  • 29 x 90mm Labels
  • 30 x 19mm Labels
  • 34 x 21mm Labels
  • 39 x 14mm Labels
  • 40 x 19mm Labels
  • 40 x 20mm Labels
  • 40 x 24mm Labels
  • 40 x 29mm Labels
  • 40 x 30mm Labels
  • 45 x 15mm Labels
  • 50 x 25mm Labels
  • 55 x 50mm Labels
  • 56 x 25mm Labels
  • 56 x 49mm Labels
  • 65 x 35mm Labels
  • 68 x 42mm Labels
  • 70 x 24mm Labels
  • 70 x 41mm Labels
  • 70 x 44mm Labels
  • 75 x 35mm Labels
  • 75 x 49mm Labels
  • 78 x 25mm Labels
  • 80 x 30mm Labels
  • 80 x 139mm Labels
  • 95 x 36mm Labels
  • 99 x 99mm Labels
  • 100 x 40mm Labels
  • 100 x 48mm Labels
  • 100 x 73mm Labels
  • 100 x 128mm Labels
  • 100 x 150mm Labels
  • 110 x 50mm Labels

Barcode Label Materials & Adhesives

From paper labels for packaging to tough synthetic materials for long life use in harsh environments, our comprehensive range of labels has you covered. Please contact us to discuss your barcode printing requirements and one of our experts will assist you further.

Barcode Printer Compatibility

Our barcode labels are compatible with almost all barcode printers including:

  • Argox OS-2130, Argox OS-214, Argox X1000
  • Birch BP252D, Birch BP744U
  • Brother TD 400
  • Dymo (Various)
  • Sato CG2, Sato CG4, Sato CT4i
  • Zebra (Various)

Simply let us know what barcode printer you use and we will supply you with compatible labels.


Our labels are suitable for use with both direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, and our labels comply to GS1 standards, ensuring that your barcodes and unique numbers will be accepted by major retailers and distributors all over the world.

We also stock a full range of blank thermal transfer labels here. 

About Us

We supply blank barcode labels to all main centres in South Africa, with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, KZN, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein.

We also supply Thermal Transfer Ribbons for bar code printers.

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