We supply piggyback labels to all areas of South Africa. Piggyback labels are commonly used in the medical and logistics industry, but can be used for any application that requires a label to be available on top of the main label which can then be positioned elsewhere, such as a tracking or inventory sheet.

We offer custom label printing services to include whatever information you would like, and we can supply blank thermal piggyback labels in any size.

Contact us with your piggy-back label requirements for a quote.

We supply all types of piggyback labels!

piggy back label

Piggyback Label Printing

We can supply you with the finest quality printed labels. Simply supply us with your artwork or design and we’ll do the rest.  If you’d like to include color elements such as a logo, branding or text, please mail us the details here for a printing quote. both parts of the piggyback label are available as single or full color prints.

peeling a piggy back labelMaterials & Adhesives

Our comprehensive range of labels has you covered as we can supply you with labels on a full range of materials. Please contact us to discuss your printing requirements and one of our experts will assist you further.


According to their type, we divide piggyback labels into three groups:

  • Butt Cut
  • Flush Cut
  • Twin Cut

Butt Cut piggyback labels: The top label is smaller than the bottom label, which makes the piggyback label more obvious to spot, and it makes peeling the top label easier.


Flush cut: Both labels are of equal size, this gives you more label size options.

Twin cut piggyback labels: These are the same as flush cut labels, but the top label is cut so that there are two parts to the top label

Twin Cut Piggyback label