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Thermal Labels
Thermal transfer labels for a variety of applications. Various sizes and shapes available. Suitable for most Thermal Printers

Thermal Label Materials

Our range of thermal label rolls are available in a variety of materials including paper and synthetic materials suitable for most applications. Our labels are manufactured from the highest quality materials and available at the best prices. Be sure to ask about our bulk order discounts when ordering your thermal labels. 

Colours & Roll Formats

Thermal labels can be supplied plain white or in a colour of your choice on rolls to suit your printer make and model to ensure that you have exactly the label that you are looking for. 

A Small Selection of the Thermal transfer Labels that we supply

Size & Shape

As well as standard squares, rectangles, circles and oval we can supply thermal labels in practically any shape you require.  For custom thermal transfer label orders, please contact us with your requirements and one of our sales team will call you back to finalise your order.

We also supply Transfer Ribbons. Click here to order Thermal Transfer Ribbons.

When To Use Thermal Labels

Typically used for product ID’s, printing barcode labels, lab tagging or any other kind of long lasting identification, thermal transfer labels are ideal for printing long-lasting and variable data. These labels typically offer great durability and need a lower heat to transfer a printed image than other printing methods. This gives you the widest variety of materials to work with, resulting in high quality labels with precise finishing.

You can learn more about the printing process and uses for thermal labels here.

Direct thermal is more expensive  but is a lower cost  thermal label overall because it does not require a ribbon when printing. The thermal printer images using heat directly onto the label face, in the same way the original fax machines used to do. Direct thermal labels are fine except for labels which have to survive a long time, or if they are likely to be exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures.

Thermal transfer paper is less expensive but a ribbon is required for printing. The labels are tougher, last longer and are not sensitive to light or heat, which makes them ideal for more robust environments and conditions.

Thermal transfer ribbons come in various colors so unlike direct thermal printing, you can print in colors other than black. When printing, the image is sharp, durable and handles scratching and harsher environments quite well.

We make (literally) hundreds of thousands of label rolls every year, most of them blank. We have two dedicated blank thermal label converting presses, one with an with in-line re-winder which cranks all day every day. And we annually manufacture about 45 million pharmacy labels (for pill bottles) on another dedicated press with a rewinder.