Pallet wrap your goods

Pallet wrap comes in a variety of strengths and thicknesses and plays an important role in the transport and delivery of stacked goods.

The functions of pallet wrap or stretch film include securing products or boxes on a pallet for transit. This reduces damage that could be caused by items sliding around when being loaded by a forklift and transported on the back of a truck and allows for a more tightly packed space which allows more to be moved in one trip.

Pallet wrap is also good for preventing tampering with a load as its elastic properties make it difficult to break, and if someone cuts through it, this will be easily visible.

High Quality Pallet Stretch Wrap!

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Secure Your Goods With Our Pallet WrapAnother benefit is that wrapping your products and boxes in stretch wrap will make the load more stable and secure, thus eliminating much of the risk of injury to your employees, particularly during the packing and loading stage of transporting your goods.

Cast stretch wrap is created using a cast extrusion process that leaves the final product with excellent clarity and a high tear resistance. Cast stretch wrap is also easy to stretch and usually costs less than the alternative, blown stretch wrap.

The only downside to the cast variety, is that cast pallet wrap doesn’t have the tear resistance that blown stretch wrap offers which can hold higher load weights.

Pallet Wrap Your GoodsHere at Sticky Labels, we supply cast pallet wrap in 5 and 7 layer configuration for even better puncture resistance and a greatly improved stretch rate.

Our 7 layer wrap is available in the following micron measurements: 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 25, 30
The pallet wrap comprises of “Metallocine” resin (MLLDPE) in the two outside layers, which “sandwich” the inner layers so that when the film is used for wrapping products and boxes with sharp edges, the two Metallocine layers enhance the binding force and in the event of a puncture or tear, prevent the film from further puncture or breakages as well.

We encourage our customers to test and compare our products with others, as we are confident in the   performance, consistency and reliability of our products. We are 100% sure that you will see the BIG benefits of our pallet wrap!

Our Pallet Wrap Vs. other suppliers of Blown Film:

  1. Stronger Strength due to the multi-layers.
  2. The film has great tear and puncture resistance.
  3. Lower Yield Point. The film is easy to pull and stretch.
  4. Higher Pre-stretch Rate (> 150%). This means that 1 meter of 5 & 7 Layers film can be easily stretched up to 2.5 meters, still keeping its original strength and holding power. Therefore, quantity in usage of film and cost of “per unit load” is noticeably reduced.
  5. Lowest “Squashing” Rate. Due to features 2,3 and 4, the film can firmly and securely stabilize the  palleted goods, without the risk of damaging or “squashing” the box or fragile goods.
  6. Consistent and Uniform cling. Instead of applying PIB as an adhesive material used in blown film, casting film uses a pre-mixed raw material to generate film-to-film cling. There is no sticky or oily feeling. No residue remains on the surface of the load, which may damage the box and attract dust.
  7. Non-telescoping. Unlike blown film, which wastes the last few meters due to its telescoping (billowing) nature, our 5-layer film rolls can be used till the very last meter.
  8. Noise Free. It is completely quiet in the process of re-winding and wrapping.
  9. Superior Clarity. Even being wrapped and protected by the film, bar codes or descriptions of products can still be easily scanned or read.
  10. Excellent Gauge / Thickness Control. The thickness of our 5 & 7 Layers film is even and consistent. This is important for automatic machine wrapping applications, because film could be stretched over loads that have irregular shapes and the films integrity is imperative.
  11. Environmental Friendly. It is made of recyclable LLDPE.
  12. Suitable for Environments Ranging from -20C to 80C. and